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FREE Concussion Consultation
Request Your FREE Concussion Consultation and Get Answers and Solutions You've Been Looking For To Help Unresolved Concussion Symptoms...
Have you been to your primary care doctor after a big hit to the head, or a slip and fall? Have you been formally diagnosed with a concussion? Have you been told to rest and relax and eventually your symptoms will get better, but you STILL have unresolved symptoms such as: headaches, brain fog, memory problems, depression, anxiety or insomnia?

Did you know that even a minimal hit to the head, without loss of consciousness, seeing stars, or a formal concussion diagnosis can be just as serious and may lead to life changing, permanent damage that needs to be addressed?
Hello, I'm Dr. Marianne Nielsen, DC, DACNB. I have a unique practice where I focus on helping patients who suffer with complicated and unresolved concussion symptoms without a solution.

I take a functional medicine and functional neurology approach with my treatment and therapy options, which gives my patients the most comprehensive concussion care possible.

You’re invited to book a FREE concussion consultation with my office to explore if I can help your symptoms, just like I've helped many other patients. This consultation is FREE and there is no obligation of any kind. 

Claim your spot now, by filling out the registration form below…
Complete This Form to Book Your Consultation:
What are your current symptoms and concerns?
How long have you had these problems?
Are you willing to make dietary and/or lifestyle changes as necessary to help your condition?
On a scale of 1-10 (with 10 being the most) how motivated are you to getting your symptoms under control?
What is the best time of day for us to contact you by phone to confirm your appointment?
Here's What We'll Cover During Our FREE Consultation...
Review Your Health History
We will review your current and past health history, and discuss your current symptoms and issues.
Review Lab Work and Testing
We will review any lab work or diagnostic tests you’ve had done to determine if we can help your concussion symptoms.
Create A Plan of Action
Together we’ll determine a plan of action to resolve your concerns, help your symptoms and reach your health goals.
Many of our patients have told us, this is the MOST comprehensive and helpful consultation they've ever had. I know you'll feel the same.
Register for your consultation NOW by filling out the form above!
REMEMBER: This consultation is FREE. Claim your spot now.
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